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Welcome to a New Way of Thinking about
Your Interior Space

It's my life-long passion to create homes for my customers that act as a muse, tapping into the spirit of a home to inspire & elevate your mood. Reflecting beauty in our lives whether that be in our homes or lives in general is what sustains us at a core level.

Homes, work-space, in fact any sacred spaces have got to really imbibe you with the good feel factor, they need to nurture your every nook and cranny  mood from creating  love nests to  exciting  and delighting your work ethic as well supporting  well- being and healthy eating habits! 

My mission is to support men and women to be inspired to live their best life: Home can act as a catalyst & opportunity for you to spring board dreams & desires from. My ability as a visionary will help you get a super clear plan and move you out of spin & procrastination to design a blueprint for your rooms, so you can function well and start feeling better productivity, enhanced levels of joy and clarity.

Let's create spaces that nurture and ramp up inspired living! 




You are the Architect of Your Life...

Discover how to Elevate Your Interior Space.

Klara Goldy Interiors is a luxury interior design, home furnishings studio, based in the heart of the Somerset Countryside. She works internationally for discerning clients, who wish to create timeless appeal, capturing their taste, for a soulful, warm, uplifting environment. She has built up a strong reputation for delivering high-end residential projects and is well known for her ability to capture the essence & signature style of her customers. She uses  light and colour to create the mood and ambience, elevating the well-being of her customers.

 Regain Clarity and Balance 

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Gain greater clarity for your life; invoke love and gratitude in your home for more prosperity!

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Discover how to create mindfulness in your interior space...

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Home Transformation

Changing the look and feel of  your  home can not only up-level the quality of your life: It can also create new and elevated ways of living. Our customers relay this to us after they have moved back in to their homes!

When it comes to transforming your space; we support our customers to discover what's important to their  lives, with a process that helps them to get clarity on their dreams.

Klara and her team have built up a strong reputation for delivering homes that are inspirational yet retain effortless style. She has been leading with her visionary approach to design that support well-being and connects us to nature.


" My passion is to work with crafts men & women to imbue a sense of  our organic nature and need for  environments that touch our soul.  My approach is to facilitate and design your home, so that it inspires all the senses & acts as a sanctuary." 

Discover how you can tap into the spirit of  your home, unlock your true spirit  to thrive...


Home is a Mirror of You...

It reflects how you feel about yourself

Klara supports  the discovery of  your dreams and ideas, to match a perfect design style for a soulful interior space. Your home can look stunning as well as feel harmonious.
The team are here to inspire, elevate and help you to enjoy your space fully,

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What people are saying...

"Amazed at the gorgeous feminine makeover my boring office got! It suddenly became a haven of peace a place to get away from it all! Plus I had fun with Klara’s Home Goddess Caching Package!  We had lots of fun and I learnt so much about creating shabby chic painted furniture she got me hooked!"

—  Ms.V. Leeds, Makeover Snug & Home Office