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What's Your Souls Design?

Are your wishing for a more soulful designed home: One that feeds the creative muse in you: So you can enjoy inspired living that nurtures well-being and uplift your mood?


Most of the time people don’t know how or where to start a project however one of the biggest components that sadly gets overlooked is creating a soulful home based on both the space you are in and the person you are.  Determining your personal SOUL STYLE along with the colours that work for you are the BIG KEYS to getting the space right.


Many people once they have established this find it much easier to go on and design their home.


This is a unique service which my customers love: It  is great for people who want to evolve their homes more organically or fancy doing a bit of interior design themselves. Klara also offers a coaching package alongside this to help you get the detail right.  It’s very often overlooked however the planning and detailing  which is fundamental to getting the level of finish that interior designers work too.


Please note that a Vastu SOUL session is available if you want to take your restyle more deeply. Please do enquire and we will send you more information.