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Join Klara Goldy to discover how to have an interior space that reflects your true essence.  She  shares how the power of design can be utilised to enhance all aspects of your life, as she takes you on a journey to explore what's your unique style


Klara will help you understand how to curate an interior space that reflects all the hidden, magical parts of you , as she reveals how you can unleash more of  your creative spirit! 

Past Events

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A Pinch Of Magic | Live Event


Saturday, October 2021, 10 am - 3pm GMT | 2:00- 7pm PDT * Replay Available


Join Klara Goldy as she takes you through a day tailored to show you how to easily create the environment around you to: Align with Your  Passions and Lifestyle".  Discover how to use colour to awaken your passion and reflect your spirit! This work shop is designed to get you fired, wired and ready to action on what is calling you forward.

Clear the Clutter & Gain Clarity on YOUR life

October 12th 2018 | Online

7 Day Challenge ~ Are you ready to make some transformations? Klara reveals tips, tasters and techniques to get you inspired and shake out any stale and stuck energy. No holds barred! JOIN the FUN now!!!

Interior Design Master Class

17th October | Online

Why waste an opportunity right under your nose? Home is your catalyst for  savvy opportunities of getting expressed and creative. Find out here. Discover how you can  tap into the spirit of your home and live well...

Klara Goldy Interiors: Home as a Mirror of You

October 2018 | Hotel du Vin & Bistro Bristol

A two hour talk with luncheon. Includes: The Soul Colour Alchemy Wisdom System and A home in harmony with you! The value of the feminine perspective in design.

Awakening The Senses: Design a Home as Your Creative Muse!

Fri, 28 Sep | Hotel du Vin & Bistro Bristol

Change your space to transform your life!

This one work shop is designed to uplift, inspire and help you to take a fresh perspective on designing your home to inspire you & live life your sacred life purpose.

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Live your dream call: Make a home in harmony with you...

Sat, 06 Oct | Hotel du Vin & Bistro Bristol

A one day event ~ get your smart hat on,  learn how to position yourself, get noticed and valued for what you do. This work shop is designed to uplift, inspire and help you to take a fresh perspective on utilising your home as a home office or launching a business or hobby from. Discover how to make space for the things that matter. Live your sacred life, start today!

Awakening radical self-love.

What do you put off most in your life? Discover the creative life force within, harness this  & use your home to unlock your souls design.

Behind The Mic Book Launch

30th July 2018 | US & UK

Klara is working with US talk show hosts to bring you an inspiring array of interviews to enthuse your life

Discover How You Are Wired For Success

Webinar Series covering the 5 keys to harness your creative power: How to live a life for more freedom joy & abundance!

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