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Many of my customers tell me how much I transformed there homes and there lives as well. An experienced interior design expert in my field I am well versed in completing projects to budgets and deadlines.

My customers have benefited from the services on offer sharing how it reduced the pressure.

Depending on location and project I would need to discuss to ascertain cost so please get in touch with the details.

Please see  a list of my interior design services:

Luxury Interior

Design Service 


What problems does it solve for you?


This is great for people who are undertaking a major refurbishment and have either no or little knowledge of where to begin.


When you really don’t have the time or energy left after all your other commitment’s and you value design and beauty and want to achieve your expectations.


If you would like to add investment to your property or would upgrade it: This is the perfect service for you

If you are not utilising the space potential of your home or it doesn’t flow properly you will need some help to assess the space and elevate the mood.


If you are looking to create something exceptional beyond what you are currently seeing this is an exceptional all in one service.


  • Having someone with a wealth of contacts and experience give you honest and clear appraisal of your home and the possibilities of what can be achieved

  • Help you save time and effort in ability to get you very clear and focused on your objectives

  • Create and define clear pricing and budgets

  • Create and define clear room scheme and style with working mood board of all aspects of materials furniture lighting etc (able to give clear directives to trades people as a result)

  • Help define you a schedule of work and the right order items need to be carried out

  • Make sure that all the aspects of the room get tackled in the correct order


What are the benefits of employing these services?

With a clear and focused design scheme it will ensure you are able to actualise your project with efficiency and within timescales. Navigating you clearly through the process


This ensures clear and effective strategies that can help you gain clarity and define what actually does need doing: what the priorities are and what are luxuries are.







Design your home as a creative muse and enjoy soulful home space to nurture well-being and uplift your mood!


Many times people don’t know how or where to start a project however one of the biggest components that sadly gets overlooked is creating a soulful home based on both the space you are in and the person you are.  Determining your personal SOUL STYLE along with the colours and ambience that work for you are the BIG KEYS to getting the space right. May be your home requires a pair of curtains & some tweaks here and there: Or perhaps the space needs re evaluating.  Klara can cast her expert eye over your home to help you get the detail right.


 It’s very often overlooked, however the planning and detailing are fundamental to get the level of finish that interior designers work too. Most people once they have established this find it much easier get the design their home right. This service is particular great for people who want to evolve their homes more organically or yet need the input of a design expert.

Book some sessions to gain clarity on what elements you need to bring the room scheme together: Maybe it needs an injection of life to give your scheme some va va voom! Klara will look at what colours & lighting are going to elevate the space!

One of the biggest areas people struggle with is choosing colour that suits both them and the lighting of the space. Klara works with the SOULFUL aspect of COLOUR to create spaces that elevates and adds vibrancy to uplift your mood! Critical for a great working space that create mood, depth and atmosphere, Discover the emotion of colour with Klara.

Sometimes customers have come to me as they put a scheme together themselves and its not quite worked and they were in fear of making more mistakes. So, they have called me as an SOS call. This is where I can make suggestions to help put the scheme back on track.  Ideally you can call me in before you make mistakes and I will work  with you to pull your scheme together.


Discover your SOUL COLOUR to elevate and support your working environment.  This is great if you want to create a home, working space, offices or beauty spa that really gives off a fantastic vibrancy this service is perfect.Colour has a big emotional impact on people and can say a lot about your business.







Why not bring your home to life with a refresh & glorious  makeover: The ultimate home staging could be just the ticket...


It's brilliant if  you are getting the house ready for a special party, wedding or occasion.  If you have a celebration and need home to look spectacular  for a special event: Klara offers a service to bring your event to life. She can  advise to dress or refresh your home or environment: We can offer a floral arrangements, decor advice and all the finishing touches.  Or if you if you are selling or updating an existing home. You may want to get it looking at its best to attract the best buyer.  Call us to discuss your requirements...


Divine Home


Home Staging

Lighting Design Service

We are offer a lighting design service which will set the mood in your room. Lighting and colour are key to any room or home. It could be for a smart working office, a sexy, boudoir, an atmospheric dining room or a snuggle and snooze sitting room. Whatever your space; careful consideration needs to be given to the ambience of the room to maximise its appeal.   any design schemes are let down by poor quality lighting. Contact us and we are only to happy to look at your space and requirements

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