Sacred Space Sacred You

Do you have a home that inspires you when you walk through the door?

Does your Interior Space nourish you and reflect your true Spirit?

Your home is a sacred haven for you to feel nurtured and nourished in: Your interior space is where you can heal and grow your dreams from.  Cultivating the right environment for your passions, abilities and  talents helps you to thrive..


In addition to my regular interior design packages I offer a unique service which links together my experiences of holistic well-being practitioner, energy healing and a lifetime's work of  designing and curating homes or work spaces for clients who seek balance, harmony, inspiration, and are drawn to the magic and mystery of life. 


My work with "Soul Style Design" blends practical interior design tips and strategies to get you thinking about how the energy of your home influences your life, creativity and relationships. 


Creating an intention for your  life utilising design has the power to transform your life. Working with the spirit of our home can help us to transform our lives and reflect back to us where we negate ourselves.


Intuitive Interior Design Session to Heal Your Interior Space Your Interior Home

If you are ready to come home to your natural state you can book a session here. 

In addition Klara offers her Signature "Soul-Style-Design" Program for Inspired Living  to  Unearth your Passions: Create a healthy, happy and harmonious home!