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Why Soul Style?

Most people create interiors based on fashion fads and colour trends they have seen in shops or magazines and then wonder why they didn’t get the results they wanted or the spaces that they truly love; spaces which make them feel nurtured, supported and joyful in their own home. When it really should be about discovering your SOUL style and having a home that not only looks good to inspire you it also feels fabulous and nurtures you on a deeper level.

Here at Klara Goldy we do things a bit differently! With well over 20 years’ experience helping people create fabulous divinely inspired homes and spaces, Klara has recognized that people need spaces that reflect who they are becoming and growing into. 


Colour plays a huge part in this and Klara works deeply to mirror your SOULs needs and urges. There is a whole science behind the psychology of colour that works with our unique personality and Klara works with colour as a mirror to identify your SOULs calling.


When you book a soul style session it will help you:

  • Design and  create a space that nurtures your creativity and passions

  • Find and identify your soul style to empower you and your life

  • Create a blueprint for designing the perfect home for you to feel good in it and gives you’re the feel good factor.

  • Learn about colour as a system to support personal growth

  • What colours to add to your wardrobe and to your home; so that you can feel more confident, radiant and unlock your own creative spirit!

  • Learn about colour and light to enhance the perfect mood and ambience of your home


The difference it makes to create a blueprint of your soul style is huge; it can elevate and transform the mood for you and your home or work environment and help you feel more in harmony with you in your surroundings. It can even help you gain clarity on what’s important to you and your life!

Book your Soul Style Session by calling 01935 321 291 
Start the journey today - 
Unearth your possibilities -  Design a life from the inside out!


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