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Design Your Soul Home.
Unearth Your Soul Style and Curate Your Interior Space for a Home in Harmony with You...

Most people create interiors based on fashion fads and colour trends they have seen in shops or magazines and  wonder why they didn’t get the results they wanted or the spaces that they truly love; spaces which make them feel nurtured, supported and joyful in their own home. Join our community to discover how to reinvigorate your life...

  • Design and  create a space that nurtures your creativity and passions

  • Find and identify your unique essence &  style to support your life

  • Create a MASTER PLAN for designing the perfect home for invoking equilibrium.

  • Learn about the energy of colour as a way to create harmonious spaces.

  • Discover what colours to add to your home to feel  confident & unlock your creative spirit!

  • Learn how to work with light & enhance the perfect mood of your home


The difference it makes to create a master plan for your soul home is huge; it will elevate and transform the mood of your  home or work environment and support your life to be in harmony with your surroundings.

These tailored sessions will help you gain clarity on what’s important to you and your life!

Book YOUR  Creative Adventure and  Start Your journey today !


Join our "Soul Decorator" member site for uplifting practical advice on creating harmony in your home!!!

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