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As a mother of 2 sons, a home goddess, creative leader and an author I am passionate about designing homes that nurture, elevate and encourage the creative muse in YOU! So that your home allows you and YOUR family to grow and be happy in.

With over 20 years of designing and project managing my customers tell me they felt in safe hands. With a passion to design spaces that look stunning and bring in more harmony my ability is too transform the feel of a space as well as have it look stunning.  With a wealth of experience on many different size projects.:My work has been featured in national press, leading interior design magazines and on T.V. I offer a full design service to include, joinery, soft furnishings, lighting, My real expertise is with colour and light, which has a huge impact on our emotional well-being,

More interestingly I realised that nearly everyone aspire to having their home as gorgeous as possible! For women it’s got to feel touchy feely on top of looking fabulous, it’s also got accommodate the love feeling … 

And it’s not just good looks that are important, as more and more people use home for a part time business or hobby, entertaining from it’s great to have well organised work spaces that flow well, allowing you to unleash the creative in you!

I hope that you enjoy my site!

Please contact me if you would like to chat through your interior design project.No matter how large or small we would love to hear from you...



Interior Design Courses for Well-Being

So in all my experience this is really what prompted me to make interior design more accessible to more people as I can only spread my time so far.  Therefore I created a design program called "Whats YOUR Souls Design?" as well as The Nurture Retreats; where I share  my secrets and techniques for designing a home that is high vibration space which gets you motivated to live your best version of your life!

I also include my soul colour alchemy system that helps nurture you on a soul level. A home that has the quality to inspire calm mindfulness for harmony is KEY for so many of us need a sanctuary to be sensual or snuggle and snooze in.


So when you choose an interior design session with me you can be sure that we will work to get the fundamentals in that make you feel good. So many people struggle with colour and light and this is the way I approach a room as an art canvas so that you have the lighting the depth and the colours to enrich what feels good for you. Colour is one of the big KEYS to a well balances SOULFUL space.   Everyone is sooooo very different and this is WHY is massively important to hook in these kind of details right up front (way before the builders and even the same time as the architect so you have a blueprint for your home to evolve from.


Remember inside out, outside in!!


It's the feminine way ... 

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