Are You Ready to Turn Your House

into a Divine Home & Elevate Your Life?

If you are looking to create Your home to nurture all your needs & one that you can enjoy inspired living: Attract health, wealth and happiness in your life...

Then you are in the right place. My ability is to both  transform my

customers lives as well as there homes!


Most of the time people don’t know how or where to start a project.  One of the biggest components that sadly gets overlooked, is creating a home based on both the space you are in and the person you are.  Determining your personal essence along with the spirit of your home are the BIG KEYS to getting the space right. Many people, once they have established this, find it much easier to go on and design their home.

Our packages offer a variety of approaches supporting our customers  evolve their homes organically or  we offer a luxury, done for you services.  With an  expert  on hand to navigate you through a complex process our customers love the results we achieve for them. Alongside the research  planning and detailing  which is fundamental to getting the level of finish that interior designers work too, Klara brings  each project to life with flair and imagination of an artist.


Klara offers her Signature Soul-Style-Design 6-Month Program for  Inspired Living  to  Unlock your Soul-Design: Attract wealth, health and happiness in your life!