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Innovative WAYS to Dress Your Window

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

There is an art all in itself around dressing a window. The impact on a room can dramatically shift the ambience and the mood. In fact so important is it upon the space that many a scheme can come adrift with out this vital attention to detail.

Picture this, you see a room in a movie within a stunning home: The curtains are "Sleek & tailored" using rich wools, or silks lined and interlined. Its already elicits a feeling of elegance, sophistication and opulence. You have notices the cloth and the way the curtains drape. The cloth will determine the ambience, the colour impacts the room... you see how it goes?

Even down to the way you tie your curtains, will give a particular air to the room. Now imagine you are in a "Farmhouse gite", "country cottage" or "an old mill building", the way you curate the environment will evoke a mood. It can be down to simply choosing curtains, the right type of linen or wool fabric, with a colour palette that adds to the simplicity, hung off simple iron poles with a simple heading that gives a rustic charm and yet still retain quality.

There is variety of key elements to consider, so here are a few 4 KEY tips to get you started:

Keep in mind whether you want to frame the view outside or create an impact on the inside?

Think about if its to enhance a view or create privacy and intimacy? Decide if the window dressing is to give the atmosphere or vibe of your home. Are you using the curtains to retain heat in the Winter months and keep heat out in the Summer? (We use quality interline bumf to give an added thermal layer, and also enhancing the hanging appeal of the curtains).

Tip # 1 - Size up the Window and Its Proportions

This is absolutely essential to ensuring what you can achieve with in a space, all depending on the architectural elements within the space and the proportions will give you the canvas to create! If you have unusual configurations' or are not well versed at measuring then do seek a site survey from an expert - we do offer this service. Your length matters, long curtains give an appeal of ultimate luxury. Short curtains are bouncy and great for small spaces or cottages. Once again how they are handled with linings and interlining's will give the lux look.

Tip #2 - Decide the Style of Your Room

Are you going modern, retro, classic, contemporary, period? Deciding this will determine the type of headings and fabrics you choose. Understanding these elements will help you create your dream space. We offer a 90-day program or a 1-day workshop, which has proved popular with any one who is embarking on a project.

Tip #3 - Its all about the cloth, about the cloth!

Its important to know your cloth and how it handles and falls - Weight, Bounce, Patterns, Plains, Colours, Checks, Silks they all determine the ultimate look of your window dressing. For example: Informal fabrics such as linen and embroideries lend themselves to country cottages or shabby chic mansions. They look good with aged antiqued pine or painted furniture and also with antiquities as they have a more earthy appeal with colours. Even down to deciding whether to Line, Interline or Not adds to the nuance.

Tip #4 -The Heading Determines the Style

The type of heading on curtains & design of pelmets all contribute to the styling! Heading type gives structure to the curtains and the way they fall, typically the most coming ones are: Double pleat, Triple Pleat, Inverted Pleats, Goblet Head, Pinch Pleat, Ruffle Top, Puff Ball, Eyeleted and so on.. Each have a job and are used in such a way so as to handle fabrics and patterns.

Here are 8 window dressing ideas...

1 Tailored and Contemporary -curtains with a pinch pleat for an elegant look

2 Sheers and Voiles - These will give your room a romantic feel and add depth

3 Country Rustic Vibe can be achieved with Linens & Embroideries

4 Classic Period Its all in the swag! And don't forget the tails

5 Roman Blinds Give a streamlined and modern feel, and great to give a luxe look when used with curtains.

6 Classic Shutters - Want to dd a contemporary and monochromatic colour scheme then shutters are a great way to pair things down. Much more minimalist!

7 Stained Glass - Magic and mystery can be achieved with the magnificence of coloured glass, it allows light to flood through to change the mood of the room

8 Hanging Art - this can be a fun way to add depth and interest to a room - it’s great when you have a small space and need to add décor.

If you are ready to refresh your windows call into to our interior design studio and talk to one of our curtain designers. We offer a wide range of fabrics and trims at our studio and make all our curtains and roman blinds to specification. They are all hand-made, bespoke, and made at our workshops. Pelmets are made to measure, ensuring the perfect fit for your window and tailored accordingly. Our roman blind and roller blinds are made with quality chain mechanisms and comply with current child safety standards.

We take orders for one pair or a whole house. Klara can come out to give you an appraisal on ideas to enhance the ambience of the room.

For more ideas or advice call us, for a designer curtain consultation - 01935 321 291

- curtain designer - interior design studio - discover your next window design

Images showing Thibaut, Anna French Fabrics - Please contact us to see the latest collections

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